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Do you require tile cuts to fit your space?

It is super trendy right now to add brightness, lightness and elegance to your home or business using mirrors with foxed glass. A unique pattern, hand-made on the glass to give it an antique, distressed feel. Whether its a kitchen splash-back, a fire place insert, a feature wall, bathroom alcoves and or the back of your bar, allow us to help you with cutting your tiles to the exact measurements for a desirable, professional finish.  

When planning to fit your Antique Mirror Tiles to your wall or space, please be aware that we can do all straight cuts in house. Prior to delivery, supply us with your correct measurements and we will provide you with cut layout plans to best suit your space and offer advise on how best to utilise your mirror tiles for little wastage.

Should you need any socket or light fitting cuts, we advise these to be templated on site and taken to your local glazer. This would typically cost around £15 - £25.

Contact us on 07824 665655 to arrange your cuts today!

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